The story goes like this...

I first met Mr. Tod W. Foley at a house warming party in the late 1990s. Early fall. Unseasonably cool. The crisp air made quaint by the crackle and haze of a lovely smelling fire.

We were introduced by a mutual friend who left us awkwardly, but with keepsakes for our drinking hands — for me, the summer’s last gimlet, but I can’t be certain. For Foley, an American-style beer — some mass produced dreck of the basic-brown-bottle-garish-red-white-and-blue-paper-label variety that he would deny ever drinking if you asked him today. Tasted as good as it looked, I’m sure, but then, I wouldn’t know. Wheels greased, we shared some pleasant, not-too-revealing party banter before going our separate ways.

In the wake of that meeting, I began to run into Foley more and more. We’d always take time to exchange anecdotes and pleasantries. And as our relationship evolved, thankfully, so did the quality and complexity of his beverage choices. One evening, I finally queried Foley about his line of work. Turns out he’s the namesake of the Tod Foley Design Company, that one-man design powerhouse based out of South Minneapolis, a distinction he’s boasted since around 2005.

To say that Foley is the hand behind some seriously stunning work is an understatement. And that client list! He did a CD layout thing (or whatever you call it. I don’t know) for Glenn Mercer for crying out loud (yeah, that Glenn Mercer, singer/guitarist/co-founder of that modestly legendary rock band, the Feelies. I’m sure he’s got an shot of it in the portfolio section). Need I say more?

When I told him I needed a fearless artist to design a logo around my start-up idea, he didn’t even flinch. And even though my unique client-centricities have the tendency to test his nerves, Foley’s been an absolute peach to work with. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

R. Stephen Packard III

R. Stephen Packard III